Thursday, July 12, 2012

Organizing my washi tape

I recently have been accumulating a lot of washi tape and had no place to put it.  So I made a bowl to hold them all on my desk.  Washi tape is so cute.  I don't want to hide it all in a box in the drawer.  I'm totally hearting the bowl.  It is just like the ones I used to make back in high school.  It's almost as fun as the notes I used to write and fold up in cool origami shapes.  I kept some notes from back then because I think they are going to be a lost art form with all the texting going on.  Maybe I should make some tutorials on how to fold hand written notes so the art isn't forgotten. LOL! 

I have a favorite spot in this bowl.  It is in the upper left of the bowl.  You can see Mario!

Oh washi tape makes me so giddy!

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