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Scrapbook Challenge Day 25

I finished the other side of the layout.  I had to keep it simple, I am totally get sick. Yuck! At least it has a nice clean look to it.

Scrapbook Challenge Day 24

I cringe at having to post my unfinished page.  It is part of a two page spread and I just don't have the energy to finish it today.  Turns out my little Moose has been grumpy because she has an ear infection.  She constantly wants to cling to me and that doesn't go well for scrapbooking.  I hope she will feel better soon.  I wouldn't mind a solid chunk of sleep because I think I feel a cold coming on.

Scrapbook Challenge Day 23

It's another page for the boys. I knew what I wanted to do with the layout, but I had the hardest time making it work. I blame it on the lack of manly embellishments I had. Plus, my little moose is getting sick or she is teething really bad, so the major lack of sleep is starting to get to me. I don't have the energy to make many embellishments.

Scrapbook Challenge Day 22

I finally got to make a page for the boys.  I had to make most of the embellishments. I don't have many manly ones. I'm loving the huge blue button!

Scrapbook Challenge Day 21

This page has a vintage feel to me.  I don't know if it is the orange and blue paper or my fake Polaroids.  The idea for this page all came from the little camera sticker I had.  I had to make the big glittery letters too so they matched the little sticker letters I had.  I love my glitter but it does get messy!  I wanted the photos to look like they fell down onto the paper and I think they ended up getting a little more organized looking when I glued them down, oh well I still like it.

Scrapbook Challenge Day 20

This one came out simple looking, but it took me a while to make.  I had some scrap fabric that I used for the orange and blue ribbon.  I think making that is why it took me so long.  My sewing machine is hidden away and it takes a while to get out, then I have to clear some space to sew, then pack it all just takes way to much effort sometimes.  I can't wait for the day when I have a dedicated craft room or even space.  I'm tired of having to scrapbook on my kitchen table.

Scrapbook Challenge Day 19

I think I might have gone a little overboard with the embellishments on this one...but I love the title!  These are some of my favorite pictures, but they were a little tricky to scrapbook.  It took me forever to come up with this layout. I knew I wanted to use the dress paper; I've had it for a really long time.  I also had some cute buttons that I wanted to use also.  I think that is why I used so many embellishments.

Scrapbook Challenge Day 18

You know what they say, those that juggle together stick together!

Scrapbook Challenge Day 17

This is such a happy page and brings back such joyful feelings.  It was so much fun to juggle in a wedding dress.  I was a bit hesitant to put the Sharpe marker boarder around my photo, but it looks so fun.  The color scheme worked out so well and I did something I have a hard time doing...not grouping my embellishments in odd numbers.

Scrapbook Challenge Day 16

This page will go on the opposite side of yesterdays very yellow page.  They look really nice next to eachother.  I realized I didn't have very many yellow embellishments at all.  The little yellow flowers are actually little yellow hair clips.  I even had a hard time finding yellow stickers, that's why there is just a little yellow owl.

Scrapbook Challenge Day 15

This page is so happy and yellow, but it didn't photograph as bright as it really is.  I even tried edditing it, but it still doesn't look like how it really is.  I tried to keep it simple.  I think I tend to go a little overboard with the embelishment. I used some yellow ribbon I had left over from an old project.

Scrapbook Challenge Day 14

This page makes me laugh.  I like how it turned out, but the circle reminds me of a zodiac wheel. I debated a bit about putting a big title on it, but opted for just a little one. I did a little bit of hand stitching on this page.  I think I might be addicted to had stitching.  I just love the texture it adds. I have had that big polkadot button for a long time just waiting for the right page to use it on.

Scrapbook Challenge Day 13

Two years ago from today I married my love!  What better way to celebrate then to make the page with the kiss!  This is one of my favorite photos and I didn't want to make the page too overwhelming. I love the little bride and groom outfit charms.

Scrapbook Challenge Day 12

It's another two page day! I really like how the rounded edges on this page turned out. I had just the right embellishments for this page too! The second page is kind of simple, but sometimes I just like to let the photos speak for themselves.

Scrapbook Challenge Day 11

I made the second page of the rings today.  I had to show how I had a hard time getting the ring off the pillow too!

Scrapbook Challenge Day 10

 I am still on the glitter kick and had to add more glitter to my page. It was fun to crop the photos so I could show how my husband couldn't get the ring off of the pillow.  I just wish I had a close up photo with the rings on the pillow. I found this cute little ring charm to add to this page.  The sparkle it adds is perfect.

Scrapbook Challenge Day 9

Another two pages done and I like these a lot better even though the one page is so simple! I guess I just needed to go to the other side of the color wheel to get my juices flowing again.  On my Vows page I added glitter to my embellishments.  I had lots of fun with it.  I need to use glitter more often.

Scrapbook Challenge Day 8

Well, I was able to make two more pages, but I think all this scrapbooking is starting to get to me because I'm not in love with these two pages. Mostly it is the color paper that I'm not a huge fan of, but I was trying to do something other than pink.  I like my wedding color, but I don't want to go overboard with it.

Scrapbook Challenge Day 7

This was a two page day! For the first page I tried to mimic the back of my dress on this page to add some interest to this page. I just love these photos where my husband leads me up the stairs.  I had the perfect vellum quote piece for this page too!

Scrapbook Challenge Day 6

It's a simple page, but I have lots of pages to make!

Scrapbook Challenge Day 5

I'm not in love with this page, but I had the hardest of times finding photos for this page.  I forgot to tell my bridesmaids to smile so most of their photos are very serious.  This is especially true for my ring bearer and flower girl!  Every single photo of them is so serious, but they did behave extremely well.  My sister must have told them they wouldn't be able to have any cake if they didn't behave.  I don't have a single smiling photo of them till the reception!

Scrapbook Challenge Day 4

This just might be my favorite scrapbook page I ever made.  I have played hand bells for a very long time and was lucky enough to have the hand bell group I played in play at my wedding. The little tab pulls out to show more bell photos. I wish I could have played with them, but it would have been a little tricky running back there in my dress!  I had them play a toll at the end when we kissed too.  It was a very Cinderella moment! I didn't have any musical embellishments, so I made my own with some wire I had.  It was a bit tricky to glue them down, but I got it to work after a few hours of drying. I even was able to sew some jingle bells onto the page so it actually makes music!

Scrapbook Challenge Day 3

It is the little things that helped my wedding day so special.  I wanted a page to help me remember some of the little things like my anti pew bow flower alternative. I made a little mini book to go with this so I wouldn't have to overwhelm the page with photos, but I forgot to take a photo till after I put it in the sleeve.

Scrapbook Challenge Day 2

Whenever possible I love to make my pages interactive in some kind of way.  I was able to make a pocket to hold one of my wedding programs.  I just love these photos of my brother-in-laws.  I had no idea that they had sunglasses on until I got my pictures back from the photographer!

30 Day Scrapbook Challenge

I realized that June marks my 2nd anniversary and my wedding scrapbook is nowhere near finished! So I decided that I will scrapbook a page every day and hopefully get a bit closer to being finished.  Now I have a few pages that are done, but I have a lot more to go. It is so hard to narrow down from all the photos I have, but it helps that only a few would crop well with this crazy layout. I'm happy that I could use both color and black and white photos on this page.