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Tiny Juggler 2

I allways have the hardest time picking what pictures to scrapbook.  I finally limited to these two, though I do love the picture I have of Moose trying to eat the club, but the color of that one was off.  Maybe I'll have to reprint it.  I use some stitching to attatch the photos, which I had not done for a while.  I'm so into that bright green right now.  I see more green pages in the future.

Tiny Juggler

I'm back to scrapbooking.  I can't believe how small my little Moose use to be next to my juggling club.  I used a lot of old scraps for this page. I made that yellow felt flower over two years ago. Crazy!

Peg Prince

So I made some princes to go with the princesses I made at Christmas time for my niece's birthday.  I only had four peg men body's so I had to be picky.  Of course I had to make her favorite, Shrek.  I couldn't resist making the Beast.  I thought about making his human form, but I wanted the challenge of making him in the Beast form.  Did you know his name is Adam?  Just doesn't have the same ring as Beast.  Anyways, I love how he turned out.  He makes me smile every time I look at him.  I had to make prince Charming (I figured he could also pass for Eric with the black hair) and then I decided to do prince Phillip because I thought he would be the most generic looking prince and could pass for prince Ferdinand or Flynn, even though Flynn has a little bit of facial hair.

Making My Own Embellishments

It's funny, no matter how many embellishments I have, it all ways seems that I never have what I'm looking for. I love this page and it took a lot of cutting. I made these cute flags with some toothpicks. This little streamer of flags is my new go to idea to use up some scrap papers and some scrap sewing floss.

Scrapbooking Little Toes

I played around with my photos for a while.  I really wanted three pictures on this page, but in the end it is two with a pull out.  I do think interactive pages are fun, they just take more work sometimes.

Moose's Valentine

I just wanted to share Moose's Valentine that she made for her daddy.  I just love foam shapes.  Such a simple and mess free project.

Flower Box and a Layed Back Tutorial

I've been wanting to make a flower box for Moose a long time.  Well I was at Target and in the dollar section they had a bunch of these flowers and I knew I had to get them for the flower box I was dreaming of.  Now I kept putting off making the box because I had planed to make the box out of wood and that meant I needed a saw...and I just kept holding off on buying one.  Then it hit me one day, I have three flower boxes in our garage that we no longer use. So I cleaned the box out and started my project. What you need: 1. An old flower box, or something you could make one out of 2. Some foam (and something to cut it with) 3. Some brown fabric 4. Hot glue 5. Things to plant in the box (I've also made some carrots in case Moose gets sick of the flowers) Steps: 1. First I cut the foam into three pieces. Now I did it with scissors because I don't have an electric knife, but I just found out that a bread knife works well and I do have one of those. Oh well.  I eyeballed the

Scrapbooking My Little Snuggle Bunny

Well so far I've kept up with the journaling on my pages.  I know  Moose will appreciated all these pages when she is older.  She all ready likes to look at them.  I can't wait till she can help make pages with me.  I give her a glue stick and some paper, but she ignored the paper and just walked around rubbing the closed stick over her stuff animals, furniture, and anything else that wasn't paper.  Maybe she will get it in a few more months.

Finding Time to Scrapbook

It's been way to long since I've done any scrapbooking.  I think I haven't done any since thanksgiving.  Well I have a lot to do... I have so many pictures of my little Moose that need to be done.  Well I do like how this page turned out. It's a simple page, but it has a lot of something I tend to avoid...journaling.  I wrote all along the edge a song I used to sing a lot to Moose (and still do when she has a bad night). For me this just might be one of the most personal pages I've made yet.

Valentine Tree

I originally envisioned a beautiful white vase with tree branches and hearts hanging off of it, but then I found a wooden tree at one of my local crafty stores.  At first I painted it white, but my white paint stinks and I hated how it looked so then I went with pink.  I tried to go with a gradient, but the paint didn't go on as well as I would have liked, and I wish I had just gone with watercolor to start with.  That's what I did with the hearts.  Maybe I'll find that vase and branches next year, but for this year this will have to do.

Fun with Hearts

I always feel like our home is so empty once the Christmas decorations all come down.  My Valentines decorations are very limited, so I decided to make some felt hearts...a LOT of hearts. Some of the hearts I put on sticks.  They look great in a jar and make wonderful wands.  You can NEVER have to many wands.  Some of the hearts I put into a big vase, but they did not stay in for very long. They look so beautiful laying out on the floor.  I would love to put them in a big frame and hang them just like this. Or like this. Of course they look wonderful just laying in a big pile ready to trip anybody that walks by.