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Valentine's Day Wreath

Now that the Christmas decorations are down, it is time to make some Valentine's Day decorations to put up! I have seen some in the store, but it is much more fun to make your own.  So here is how I made my sweet heart wreath. First you need a hoop (the one I used had about a 7 in diameter), 7 big wooden hearts, 8 small wooden hearts, paint, glitter, ribbon, and some hot glue. I took all my hearts and painted them a solid color and then went back over them and made some patterns or outlined them. I thought they were looking a little boring so I went back and put some glitter on random ones. Then I went around and hot glued the big ones and tried to make them as evenly spaced as possible. Then I hot glued the smaller ones on top of the bigger hearts, tied some ribbon, and then hung on my door!

Little Boy Pee Shields

I just found out that one of my very good friends is going to have a little boy, so I have started putting together a little package to send to her and I wanted something a little fun in it. A few months back I was talking with some older ladies at my church and one of them mentioned how she always buys anybody who is having a boy some  pee pee teepees. Well, I thought they sound like they were a hoot and put it on my list of things to make someday.  Well now I have a reason to make some little pee shields and you can make them too!  First you need some fabric and an old cd to help make your circles. Then go and make a bunch of circles. You will need two circles per shield. Make the inside circle fabric an absorbent one!  Next cut out a 1/4 piece in each of the circles so you have a Pac-Man...nom nom nom Then sew around the outside.  You can sew one side of the triangle part before turning inside out. I tried it both ways and it really didn't make a difference. Then turn inside out

Handmade Gifts

There is nothing I like more then a handmade gift.  I just love the ornaments that my husband's grandma makes for us (and other family members too) when there was something special that happened that year.  This is the one we received this year. I thought I would snap some quick photos of the ornaments of years past before I take down the tree. Aren't they just the cutest! Well I also have to add a box my husband's grandmas is making for our baby girls keepsakes.  It almost is done, so hopefully next time we fly back we can bring it back with us. I edited out our little girl's name for this blog, but it is painted in the center part. It has little red pandas all over it, because my husband's grandma knows how much I just LOVE red pandas. hehehehe the red panda is sleeping on the sides