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The after Christmas Blur..what I made for Christmas

So I made a bunch more crayon rolls, well actually they were marker rolls for my nieces.  They loved them.  What five year old wouldn't like a cute way to keep their markers all neat and organized? I made these for the Crayola Washable Pip-Squeaks Markers  and since they are almost the same size as crayons I didn't have to alter my pattern.  While I was making them, I discovered that the marker colors are very different from the crayon colors.  I knew there wasn't going to be a white marker, but I was surprised black wasn't include.  Instead of black I had two brown markers to match fabric with.  Luckily, I had some solid brown that I was able to use.  They also took out a red-orange color and put in blue in its place.  So, I had a bunch of blue markers that needed fabric, but I tend to have a bunch of blue scraps.