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Jazzing Up a Costume

So I got a good deal on Moose's Halloween costume, which is great because I didn't really want to spend a lot of time making one. She absolutely is in love with it and will wear it every day, but it lacked that extra something. Oh, and it was a little on the short side. It was supposed to be a dress, but it was more like a long shirt for my very tall toddler. So I dug up some tulle that I had left over from my wedding and started to make a tutu for it. It came out so cute and puffy! She loves to be a little monster even more! I just hope it doesn't wear out in the next month.     I couldn't help but share all these cute photos.  

Painting Fun

  I've been having a lot of fun painting with Moose.  We seem to have moved on from painting with our fingers and paint brushes to sponges and paper towel rolls.  I heart simple fun times.

Scrapbooking- Sweet Sunshine

  I have to start by saying that I am in love with how this page turned out.  I had been wanting to do a gray, yellow, and blue layout for a long time.  I've been having a hard time finding simple gray paper and a few weeks ago I finally had found some.    It is much easier to read my journaling in person.  I used a blue pen so it is subtle and wouldn't distract from the page.  I also only used one colored photo.  If I did all three in color the yellow and blue elements would have been lost.    I didn't have a lot of yellow papers and embellishments to work with.  The title was cut out on white paper and then misted yellow.  I also misted the yellow polka dots underneath the colored photo since I couldn't find any more papers in the right yellow shade.  At least I have a bunch of yellow ribbon!   Wouldn't you know the paper girl's  challenge that is going on right now is baby.  What perfect timing!

Scrapbooking - Sweater Swinging Sweetness

  I've been wanting to scrapbook these photos for awhile and now I've finally gotten around to it.  I just love how chill Moose it in them.  It is a clean and simple page with just some paper cut outs.  The simpleness led me to do a lot more journaling on this page then I normally do.  It's a winter page, but I actually used some Halloween paper on it.  The clouds come from the too cute to spook collection by Bella BLVD.  I also used papers from Echo Park's Everyday Eclectic collection and Recollections All Girl Collection.   I didn't use too many embellishments.  I just added some jewel sparkle on my journaling and another jewel sparkle heart on the lower right of my page.  Plus one little bird for some fun.

Dandelion Gal, Fixing a Mistake

  So a few days ago I posted this picture but realized that I spelled dandelion wrong as I was uploading the photo.  So I went back to my page to try and fix it.  Well, that stupid y was really glued down well.  I was able to lift some of it off ok, but then my page started to come up with it.  Well in an attempt to mask it, I got out my watercolors and made some blobs.  First, I made one onto that spot that tore up and then some others so it would look more like it was supposed to be on the page.  It looks really obvious in this photo, but when you have the page in front of you it doesn't look too bad. I thought I would share some close up photos of the details of the page.  In spite of my spelling debacle, I still really love how this page came out.

Scrapbooking Dandylion Gal

  Oh poop! I missspelled dandelion.  What am I going to do?