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Halloween Paper Flag Banner

The night before my little Moose's Halloween party I decided that I needed some more Halloween decorations.  So I looked through my scrapbooking paper and made some flags and cut out some bats out of paper.  I would post my template up, but I can't seem find my cord to my scanner...oh the joys of moving.  I do hope to make this again with some felt so that I can have a more durable flag banner that I can use year after year. But this year they will just have to do! Doesn't it look cute on that wall?

Graham Cracker Owl Crafts

  So somehow I ended up hosting a Halloween party for little Moose's friends and I ended up making these graham cracker owls. They are so easy to make.  Just stick two marshmallows on your gramcraker square and stick it in the microwave for 8-12 seconds.  For me 11 seconds was perfect. Then really quickly stick a chocolate chip in each eye and a candy corn for the nose and your little owl is complete. Now doesn't he look yummy!  You could always add some cheese wings or something along those lines too.  These make for a simple last minute snack. Little Moose didn't realize they were edible. Ya, she mostly just played with it. Tasty marshmallow... 

Halloween Foot Ghost Craft

I'm always trying to find crafty things I can do with my little Moose and finding things you can do with a baby or young toddler is almost impossible.  Luckily this one was simple enough we  could make six!  The grandparents were thrilled when these came in their mailboxes.

Quilt like page

This is the companion page to the other page I did the other day.  It reminds me a lot like a quilt.  I have so many little scraps of paper and embellishments and this kind of layout lets me use them up.  I hate being wasteful.  I've never really been one for much journaling on pages.  I've always liked to let the pictures speak for themselves. While there isn't a lot of words on the page, the one word I put on it sums everything I wanted to say.  And I've just been dying to use that little pink elephant!

Getting back to scrapbooking

I wish I had more time to scrapbook, as I should have made this page a year ago!  Oh well, I'll just have to scrapbook away!  The benefit to waiting a year is that I'm much better at editing what photos to scrap.  I'm printing off a lot less and that makes for a happy wallet.  Since my time to scrapbook is limited to when Moose is sleeping (and only on days when laundry, vacuuming, and whatnot doesn't have to get done during that time), I have to force myself to keep them simple or they would never get done!