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Scrapbooking, Heart

Happy Monday!  Here is my latest layout for the memory nest .  I spent forever going through my project life cards trying to decide what one to use.  I have such a collection of them, since I try to do project life every year and fail.  And I'm trying again this year!  Last year I made it to July and it was my farthest yet.  Anyways, I have a lot of different type of cards and I narrowed it down to this pink #LOVE one and to a wooden card with a rainbow on it.  I really liked how the pink poped out on the gray.  It won, but I spent about an hour trying to decide, and I really had a lot of other things I needed to be doing then starring at my layout.

Scrapbooking, Little Dutch Girl

Happy Monday!  Here is my layout for  the memory nest  using the pictures from my previous post about the outfit I made for my daughter's community cultural festival.  I'm still rather impressed with myself with how fast I made that outfit.  This is a fun little layout.  I picked out this striped paper because I wanted it to kind of look like the striped skirt.  The black frame I made using an old chipboard frame and a little bit of paint and punching out some dots.  The orange buildings should look like the row houses in Amerstdam.  Here are a few photos from when I was a kid, so you can see it is a real thing. My sister and I.  I look like a doll. I am about 4 or 5 here.  Now I'm about 8.