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Showing posts from September, 2010

Finished Quilt

I just realized that I never put a picture up of my finished quilt...ops.  It is way big for my little girl now, but someday it will be just the right size for her.  =)

Tissue Paper

A few years ago I had received something that came in this really nice sparkly pink tissue paper.  I saved the paper because it looked cool and I knew I would use it for something.  Well, a few years have gone by and now I finally am using it.  I got this nice frame for a picture of my baby girl that lets the picture look like it is floating, but the walls in my apartment are so bland in color so I had to do something.  Then I remembered the tissue paper and thought I would try placing it between the layers of glass and I really like its crinkly look.  I might just have to get more frames like this and try to find some more cool tissue paper.