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Scrapbooking, Life is Beautiful

I just made this page real quick for SWAT's drill #24 .  For the challenge you have to add some buttons on your layout using the sketch.      I've been digging out photos of my daughter to see how my son looks compared to her.  They really do look so much alike, Anyways, I found this nifty blue star button that I really wanted to use and I love how it looks on the page, but I wanted to add more button and really didn't have any others that would work for the page.  Oh well. 

Scrapbooking, Library Books

It's another Monday over at The Memory Nest . This week it is a fun new sketch by Crystal. Now, I didn't have as much time to do this layout as I usually do, because I only got back a little bit more than a week ago after being stuck in New York from that deep freeze that was going on. While it was great to have the extra time with my family, it did create a lot of chaos to our daily routines.   Anyways, I had been saving our library receipts in hopes to make a page with them. Well, I thought this would be a great layout to make a page about the books we took out this year. Now, the picture isn't the greatest, but I never think about taking a photo at the library. This is actually a photo I found on my mom's camera. I decided that I would put some of my daughter's favorite books that we took out right by the photo and then I listed a bunch more around the layout. I was actually surprised how few book titles I could write around the edge. I thought I was g

Midwest Freeze

Ya that thing about me thinking I was going to fly back to day....looks like I'm not flying home until Friday!  That cold spell has made an utter disaster for all the airlines.  CRAZY!

Scrapbooking, Big Sister Lovin'

  Ah it's Monday.  I have to fly back to Seattle later today after being on Holiday in Rochester, NY.  I'm sad to be leaving all my family (my daughter LOVED playing with all her cousins), but I will not miss the -6 temps, several feet of snow, and lots of wind. It's another color challenge over at Make it Monday over at the Memory Nest .  This color pallet is not my normal kind of color scheme as it is far too muted.  Oddly, it reminds me a lot of my sister's furniture from Florida.  If only I had a picture of it! To bring in the neutral color, I added the wooden frame and the cork stars.  In the inspiration I noticed a tiny bit of yellow on the table so I added the blue patch with the yellow star.  I had to get a little more color in!