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Fun Summer Popcan Bracelet

Got to love recyclable crafts.  I've been saving up a bunch of those pop can top tab things for a while because there is a lot you can do with them like make this cool bracelet and here is how. What you need is 22 of these things and some elastic string and optional spray paint if you want more than just the silver look.  Spray paint both sides and I suggest also a sealer of some kind so that they paint doesn't wear away so fast.  I'm going to show you without spray paint. Line up the tabs like this so that you will not have any sharp parts on your skin. They are going to be lined up like this.  11 on the top and 11 on the bottom.  If making for a kid, you might only need 9 or 10. The tricky part is getting the weaving right.  I start with the bottom and then do the top the same way. The string will come back up through the top tab, but this picture show midway of the step. It should look like this, but not so blurry.  =) Then just keep going all around. You can see better

Piggy Earrings

Happy Flag Day!  Ok, so one of my nieces is having her 9th birthday soon and I wanted to make her a little something along with some stuff I got for her so I made these cute little piggy earrings (she is really into pigs). So to start I got some pink sculpty clay and made two little clay balls as equal size as possible and made them a little flat. Then I put my earring studs into them and covered it up as best as I could.  At first I was going to make dangle earrings, but decided that since she is still kinda young that non-dangles would be better. Then I got two more little circles of clay and pressed them on to the bigger ones. Then added a few triangles for ears and baked the clay. Then I painted eyes and nose and glazed. As you can see the glazed one wasn't dry and had a big bubble when I took the picture. Once they were dry I found some board I had, covered it in some scrapbook paper, punched some holes into it, and put the earrings in. I loved how this did not take too long.

Another Simple Bunny Artwork

I had so much fun with the first bunny piece I had to make a second one. First, I traced the bunny again. Then I sewed a cute bunny face.  I did three stitches for each eye and about six for the nose. Then I just stitched around and put in another shadow box.  Super easy and looks cute with the other one.

Simple Bunny Artwork

I wanted some artwork for the baby's room, but I have been so tired lately that I know whatever I did it had to be simple and fast.  My original plan was to use scrapbook paper, but it was too busy and I just couldn't find any paper that I liked (and that is amazing because I have way too much scrapbook paper).  So I found some felt in my stash and decided that was what I was going to use. First I traced my bunny shape on some felt and cut it out Then I sewed around the bunny onto another piece of felt.  I like to start at the ear so that I end more evenly. I don't know why blogger is rotating this picture but next I glued on a cotton ball...well I didn't have the size I wanted so I used some batting I had glued that on. Then I made a mat and put it into the shadow box I had and it is ready to hang.

Yellow Curtains

It seems that yellow curtains are very difficult to find.  I looked at so many stores trying to find some, but had no luck.  Everything was pink, blue, or green.  Since we can't really paint in our appartment, curtains are how I plan to bring in lots of color.  Anyways, I was stuck having to make my own...well kind of.  I did find a yellow shower curtain and by cutting in half, doing some heming, and added some ribbon at the top, I've now made some simple curtains.  I do have some more planed for them so they are not so boring and more baby like. They also are a little thin so I'll have to back them or something.  When I"m done I'll post a picture of them up. I realize that I never put a picture up of them finished...oops It's not the worlds best picture, but it is one that I had on my computer.  It doesn't even show the top...I guess I'll have to take a better picture.

First Quilt Ever - Almost Done

I'm glad to say that I'm almost done with my quilt.  It is taking way longer than I expected and it also is way more poofy than I thought it would be.  I'm glad that it is softer then I thought too.  I just used the longest stitch my machine had and just sewed down the squares.  My sewing machine doesn't have the free foot attachment thing so I couldn't really do the free hand squiggle all around it. I had a bunch of bunching too in the back, but that's what I get for not really pinning it all down. And here is what it looks like so far. Now just to get that edge stuff around it...