Friday, July 6, 2012

Birthday Cake Banner

My hubby's b-day was at the end of June, but we celebrated it a few days later.  I wanted to make his cake a bit more festive so I made these mini birthday flags.  I made big felt flags like this a few years ago and now whenever it is somebody's birthday I hang them up.
Can you see the repair work I did?  Originally I had set the cake up in a different location.  Right as I was about to snap a picture, Moose put her hand right into it and dug out a little chunk!  Oh toddler hood, you bring me such daily adventures.  So I had to move the cake to a less attractive location.

To make them I took a wooden skewer and broke it in half.  Then I took some floss and glued some paper diamonds folded in half on to the string.  I tied the strings up and stuck it in the cake for some simple and festive fun.

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