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Peep Earrings

These just might be my new favorite earrings.  They are just peep-a- licious and super easy and quick to make. All you need is some sculpty, two earring hook things (not the technical name), two eye screws (or you can make your own with some wire. I just have a bunch of them lying around), a little bit of paint, and some glaze (optional). First you are going to make some itty bitty balls of clay in your desired color. The ball for the head should be about 6mm and the body should be about 8mm.  My ball chart only goes down to 6mm so the two balls fort the ears are about 3 or 4 mm. Lightly squish the head and body together. Then light press down to flatten a little bit. Do the same for the ears. I found it was easier to kind of score the parts a little bit.  It looks a tad ugly at this stage, but once you smooth it out with you fingers they should look fine. This does take a little playing around with. See, they come out just fine and dandy. Insert the eye screw and bake and then put the

Bunny Bookend Template

It took me a little while, but I finally got the other bunny bookend done. Now the books don't tumble over. Yay! Aren't they a cute addition to the room? I'm not really into using patterns when I sew, but I needed two identical...well almost identical bookends so I had to make one, otherwise I know I would of had two very different bunnies.  Now you can sew the bunny bottom together or you can use a scrap piece for the bottom so that it sits better (that's what I did). I did take step by step photos, but this is a simple enough project that I don't think they are really needed (and my little moose is sick so I don't have much time to post them). Happy sewing and reading!