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Scrapbooking, On The Hunt

  I made this page using a layout 340 from Scrapbook Challenges to help me get motivated with making this page.  I don't think I ever used a sketch from them before and they have so many that I'm positive I will end up using more in the future.   One of my favorite things on the page is the little purple feather I made out of duct tape.  I also used up old scraps from papers that I found laying around.  I also gave Moose some of my extra scraps for her to play with.  She loves to glue them all together.  It makes a huge mess, but she has so much fun.

Stop and Smell the Flowers

  I just wanted to take a moment to share just a few photos from our little trip up to Mount Vernon, WA this year to see the tulips.  We have gone ever year since we moved to Washington.   And if it isn't obvious, that is a very large baby bump I'm sporting.  Little dude isn't expected until late JULY!  He is right on track to being a huge baby just like his sister was.  I'm not so thrilled about that.  If he can come in under 9 lbs I will be thrilled!  

Wedding Card

  I was talking to my mom the other day and she reminded me that my cousin in Holland was going to be getting married in a week and that I needed to send a card.  They are getting married in Alkmaar which is known for their outdoor cheese market.  Love that place!  Anyways, I didn't have any wedding cards on hand and it can take so long for anything to get mailed over there.  I didn't want to wait a day and go to the store and pick up a card, so I thought I would go and make one with some of the stuff I had on hand.  I remembered that there was a card challenge on the paper lovers blog , so I thought I would use that as a layout.  I used my favorite wedding stamp that I used on this card I made a few years ago and once again replaced the bouquet with a heart brad.  This photo makes the colors look way more crazy then they are in person, but I had to get this in the mail fast, so this is the only photo I have.

Scrapbooking, Tulip Love

  Once again I was inspired by a challenge blog, but this time it was the paper girls challenge .  The challenge was April showers brings May flowers so you can use raindrops, umbrellas, or flowers.  Now rainy season is finally starting to come to and end so I decided to focus on flowers.  Of course, the photos I used was from the tulip festival that happens every year in Mount Vernon, WA in April.  Out here in the NW it is more like rain October-March brings flowers in April and May.  Though, I might have jinxed myself because it rained this evening.  Maybe I should have done a page on Moose's rain boots.....or I can save that for a sunny day.   I had a lot of fun stitching on this page.  I stitched a cute heart on the orange paper and then cut the paper and stitched it to "fix" it back together.  I also used a ribbon and weaved it through the yellow paper.  The ribbon I used was a little on the big size, but I really liked the rich purple color on the yellow

Scrapbooking Spring has Sprong

It seems like it has been forever since I've scrapbooked.  It has been hard to find the energy and that is mostly because there is a little being growing in my belly.  That's right, Moose is having a little brother come July!   So I had a little bit of energy and came across a new scrapbooking challenge blog and decided to give it a go.  They had a layout challenge and I'm looking for new layouts to try.  Of course, I wandered a little bit away from the layout, but mostly because I only had two photos instead of the three the layout called for.     I have had the daffodil stickers for years and was glad I could finally get to use them.  I also cut out some felt letters and used them for my title along with some stickers.  The best part was I was able to make this page fairly quickly, as in one day.  Usually it takes a few days, but Moose took a rare long nap today, so I was actually able to get it all done.