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First Quilt Ever Part 2

It took a while, but I finally got my squares cut out.  I just love the colors! I then cut out all my bunnies, but I found out later it might have been easier if I didn't cut them all out. I matched the bunnies to different squares. Then I  placed  out all my squares to how I wanted them, randomly. I labeled them all (A1-G5) so I could iron them all and know where they go.  Then I ended up spending a long time ironing...

My First Quilt Ever

I have decided that I'm going to make my first quilt ever. I don't really have any idea on how to make one so it's going to be a big learning activity and I bet I will be making it all wrong. I am following a tutorial over at Obsessively Stitching , but I'm changing it up a bit.  I have cut just a few squares so far and I realize that this is going to take forever.  Luckily, today I'm a very good mood because in one week I will be flying back to Rochester, NY for my baby shower.  I can't wait to see all of my family. =)  Now I better get back to making those squares!

Bunny Mobile

It's not the worlds best picture, but I don't have it hanging yet. I was making so much progress on this and then I hit a wall. I feel like I hit the crafting wall way too often. This has been sitting unfinished for over a week just because I needed to make two more pink flowers and didn't feel like making them. I was also hoping that our crib would have arrived by now and that I could hang it up in the baby's room. I guess that will have to wait. Well, now it is done for the most part. It did not turn out how I planed. It has become way more girly and a lot more busy. I was going to make some carrots and leaves for the top part, but my carrots were not coming out right and the leaves were just lame. Oh well, so now it's just flowers. Here are the pictures I took while making it. I cut out lots of bunnies out of some felt and put cute little tails on them and sewed some faces on them. =) Pinned the ribbon on and hand sewed around them. (I stink at machine sewing) St

Rainbow of Colors

I wanted to have my project finished today, but I decided that I was going to do all the sewing by hand, so it is taking a lot longer. I also don't have any orange and purple thread. Off to the store I go!

Bunny Napkin Rings

Easter might have come and gone, but I just love my bunnies so I made these cute napkin rings. They are super easy to make. Just cut 2 bunnies out of felt and lay some ribbon on top of the first one. Lay the second bunny on top and sew around (or glue a little bit first and then sew). Finally, and some eyes and a nose with some paint (Use the end of an eraser. It makes circles super easy and fast). Then let dry and tie around some napkins. =)

Another Cute Little Painting

Just another cute 3x3 painting. It's nice to have a craft that doesn't take days to work on. Now I just need to turn it into a magnet. =)

Quick Little Painting Thing

I wanted a fast little project to do and I have a few 3x3 inch canvas squares, so I took one and made a little water color on it. Well, I'm not that good at water color so once it dried, I stitched a little bunny and tulip on it. It's cute for it's little size and looks better in real life. I might have to try this on one a little bigger. Maybe I can put some magnets on it and stick it to my if I don't have enough magnets to begin with. =)

Wedding Card

I just made this card real quick for a second cousin who is getting married in a few weeks. It's nothing too fancy since I haven't seen her in a good 10 years or so, but I wanted to send a little something. Basically it is just some left over scrapbook paper, ribbon, vellum, stamp, and one very cute little heart brad.