Sunday, May 5, 2013

Scrapbooking, Yummy Bunny

This is another page that I made for a challenge on scrapbook day.  I actually started off with a sketch challenge, but the layout just wasn't working for me.  The layout had too many restrictions and was too symmetrical for my taste.  So, I ditched some of my photos and moved on to another challenge that only required the use of a homemade pinwheel.

This page turned out way better then what it started out as.  I was happy with how my little yellow pinwheel turned out.  I attached the pinwheel to a toothpick that I colored blue.  Then, I added some sparkle to my page and stamped some clouds.  I also got a chance to use a color magic frame from Heidi Swapp that I had been dying to try out.  Some of my ink did stick onto the gray part of the frame a little bit and I'm not sure why, but it still was fun to ink it up.  I'm not sure if it was enough to sell me on to her color magic papers though.  I also tried out my sew ribbon shoelace tool for the first time.  It didn't come out as smoothly looking as when I have used my scalloped one.

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