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Scrapbooking, Sprinkler

We have had some nice warm weather out and I was in the mood to scrapbook some summer photos.  I found this fun color pallet challenge over on scrapfriends.  I was drawn to the yellows and the hint of blue.  Of course I did this page at night and didn't realize that my blue mist I used was very turquoise.  In the morning while going through my embellishment and papers I realized that I have almost nothing that shade.  I'm going to have to be on the lookout for more turquoise things.  It really is such a beautiful color.  To make up for the lack of turquoise, I had to bring in a lot more orange then I was planning.

I had fun adding some stamping to the background.  I also made a shaky thing that I always wanted to try and add onto a page.  It took a few tries to make it work because I was being impatient, but in the end it added a cute fun element to my page.


  1. I just love the look of joy on her face. So sweet. A great page and great use of the colours.

  2. I like all the orange. makes those areas pop.

  3. what a fun page! really like the background work! thanks for playing along with us!


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