Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Scrapbooking, hidden photos

I might just have a new favorite page.  You think there is only one photo, but really there are three!

I made little "folders" to hold an extra photo each.  I could even add a photo on the back of each if I wanted.  I just love when my pages have some interaction to them.

I made the little gumball charm.  The color bled a little bit, but it doesn't bother me to much.

I found this little be happy thing and I had to add it onto the page.


  1. Hello Kia, Thanks for linking up to my scrapbooking soiree! Really though, the link party is supposed to be for things created or posted between 8th july and 7th august. I'll let you off this time (this link can stay linked), but please link up projects that are newly posted in the future!

    Your project is really sweet, I love the gumball charm, and the hidden files. I love interactive layouts too, and your one is so bright and happy! x

  2. Just popped over from Jennifer's Soiree..love your page-especially the hidden files!
    Alison xx