Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Snowman on a dime

Here is Moose's snowman...or snowlady?  Since she is just 15months, I had to keep it simple for her, so she just finger painted the eyes and nose and watched mommy do all the rest.  We are making them for when her play friends come over, which I thought was today, but turns out is next Tuesday, ops!

They are super easy to make and here is how.

What you need:
Paper Tube
Pipe cleaners

1. Cute your tube to desired height
2. Paint it white and let it dry
3. Make a cute hat for your snowman while he dries
4. Punch some a hole on each side for the pipe cleaner arms and stick them in (you can let your little one stick the pipe cleaner in if they have the coordination for it)
5. Let them paint some eyes, nose, maybe some buttons, or a little scrap felt for a scarf
6. Let dry and enjoy!

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