Saturday, June 5, 2010

Yellow Curtains

It seems that yellow curtains are very difficult to find.  I looked at so many stores trying to find some, but had no luck.  Everything was pink, blue, or green.  Since we can't really paint in our appartment, curtains are how I plan to bring in lots of color.  Anyways, I was stuck having to make my own...well kind of.  I did find a yellow shower curtain and by cutting in half, doing some heming, and added some ribbon at the top, I've now made some simple curtains. 
I do have some more planed for them so they are not so boring and more baby like. They also are a little thin so I'll have to back them or something.  When I"m done I'll post a picture of them up.

I realize that I never put a picture up of them finished...oops
It's not the worlds best picture, but it is one that I had on my computer.  It doesn't even show the top...I guess I'll have to take a better picture.

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