Friday, June 11, 2010

Simple Bunny Artwork

I wanted some artwork for the baby's room, but I have been so tired lately that I know whatever I did it had to be simple and fast.  My original plan was to use scrapbook paper, but it was too busy and I just couldn't find any paper that I liked (and that is amazing because I have way too much scrapbook paper).  So I found some felt in my stash and decided that was what I was going to use.
First I traced my bunny shape on some felt and cut it out
Then I sewed around the bunny onto another piece of felt.  I like to start at the ear so that I end more evenly.
I don't know why blogger is rotating this picture but next I glued on a cotton ball...well I didn't have the size I wanted so I used some batting I had glued that on.
Then I made a mat and put it into the shadow box I had and it is ready to hang.

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