Monday, April 10, 2017

Scrapbooking, PicOfTheDay

Happy Monday!  I feel like the weeks are just flying so fast I can't believe it!  My littlest guy is almost three months old.  Anyways, here is my latest layout for the Memory Nest.  I really liked the vertical lines from the sketch.  At first I stitched some lines down the paper, but they really did not show at all, so I started coloring the leaves.  At first I was just doing a few, but it still didn't have much of an inpact.  Before long, I colored a whole bunch of them.


  1. Clever idea to colour the leaves to interpret the vertical lines from the sketch, looks so good!

  2. LOVE how you colored the leaves for the linear look!! Fabulous layout and darling picture!! They grow too fast!!!