Monday, March 11, 2013

Bear Mobile

Bear Mobile
So right before Christmas I started to work on this bear mobile for my niece's baby shower.  I wanted to make something handmade and extra special.  When her sister was pregnant I made a rug (I hope to put up a post about it sometime), but I wasn't up for having to drag a big rug across country again, so I told her I would make something a bit smaller and still super special.

My niece showed me this bear bedding she wanted to get.  It had the most ugly mobile I have ever seen.  It was just four boring bear mini stuff animals and they had nothing extra special about them, so I knew I had to make some cuter bears and something else to go with them, bees.
I made the mobile just like I did with my bunny one I made for Moose a few years back.  I couldn't make a tutorial this time around because I half made it while we were traveling to NY and finished it at my parents house. 

I made three bears for this mobile. One I had hold a honey pot, another a heart, and the last a little teddy bear.  I'm so happy with how they came out.  They came out cuter then I expected.
My niece loved it and it looks so cute above her little guys crib.  It's really light so it will happily spin in a light breeze.

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