Thursday, October 21, 2010

Halloween Luminaries

I had a major lack of Halloween decorations, so I started to make these cute luminaries.  I have seen lots of variations on these guys, most are done with tissue paper, but I made mine using glitter on the inside.
So what you need is a glass jar (I like pickle jars), some mod podge, black craft paint, a paint brush, and some glitter.
So all you need to do is clean your glass jar and coat it in some mod podge.  I suggest kind of speckling it on instead of coating up and down in strokes so you avoid a streaky look.  Then just sprinkle lots of glitter on the inside and let it dry over night.  You can see the orange one is almost dry and the purple one is just starting to dry. Once dry, you can paint some spooky faces on the outside.  I just free handed them, but you could always cut them out of black paper and glue them on too.
Then add some lights on the inside and you are ready to go! Now I just need to finish the last jar of pickles to make a ghost one.

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