Thursday, July 1, 2010

Skinner Blend

I've recently gotten back into my clay and I thought I would put up how to make a skinner blend (mostly because my hubby wanted to know how I did it).
So first take your two colors of clay (roll them into flat sheets or go through your pasta machine) and make them into triangles and joing them like this.
Once again blogger has decided to rotate my picture on me...gerrrr. Once it is through the pasta machine fold it one time.  The blue edge went up to the long white edge.
This is what it looks like once it has gone through a 2-3 times.  Make sure you keep folding it in the right direction.
Now it has gone through a dozen or so times
just keep folding and putting it through till you get the blend you want.
Now you are ready to create your project!

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